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What is access to finance?

Access to Finance has been specially designed by The Greater Birmingham and Solihull Growth Hub to help small to medium (SME) businesses find the funding they need.

We know that since the 2008 financial crash, banks have become increasingly reluctant to lend to SME’s without onerous terms and guarantees; therefore, resulting in less businesses receiving funding which is right for them, in order to help them grow.

To order to fill this gap, a range of innovative and interesting solutions have been developed, and funded by private and public sector monies. However, by comparison with the banks, these solutions are typically quite small and are often niche in the geography they serve, the types of funding they provide, and the sectors they do and do not like.

The market has now become complex, and business owners and their advisers may not always be aware of the full range of funding solutions now available. This is where Access to Finance comes in.

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Here at The Growth Hub, we have established Access to Finance to provide business owners with free access to a team of experts and specialist advisers to help them find a funding solution which meets their needs.

Our Portal

Why not use our Access to Finance Portal to help reduce the amount of time spent looking for finance, so that you can focus on running your business smoothly? Our portal offers a place for you to refer clients who have access to finance needs and add value – a one-stop-shop for finance-related support; offering free PR for successful referrals made!

  • Approach funders with professional support
  • Find useful information
  • Receive expert advice on the right type of finance from the investor best suited to your business requirements
  • Support for funders

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Is this you? We can help

We have been set up to help SME business owners, in the Greater Birmingham and Solihull LEP area, who are looking for debt/equity funding to help support and grow their business. We can also help business advisers who are looking for debt/equity funding solutions for their SME clients within the LEP area.

  • The A2F Service Portal has a free, searchable list of 45+ finance providers, including loans and equity
  • Support available from West Midlands-based professional advisers
  • Advice to determine the appropriate amount and structure of finance required
  • Explanations of technical terms and guidance throughout the whole finance raising process

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Contact Our Expert Advisers Today!

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