Enterprise Europe Network

About Us

Enterprise Europe Network is the official European Commission business support network helping organisations to make the most of the European marketplace.
The Network brings together business support organisations across Europe and beyond. They are connected through powerful databases and know Europe inside out. What's more, they have been working together for years, some even for decades. You'll be amazed at how well your local Network contact point is connected in Europe, and even beyond.

With close to 600 member organisations we are always close to where your business is based. Whichever Network contact point you get in touch with, we will either assist you on the spot or put you in touch with a specialised branch in your region even better placed to serve you.


EU Legislation & Policy Information

Enterprise Europe Network Midlands can help search for specific EU laws, provide information on legislative procedures to companies and find information on the procedures for legal cooperation between EU governments.

New Business Partners & Suppliers

If you are looking for agents, distributors, joint-ventures, subcontracting or outsourcing opportunities, Enterprise Europe Network Midlands can help you achieve this. Search our extensive network database and explore a wide range of opportunities to help you become more competitive. We can also publish your profiles on the database for distribution throughout Europe. In addition, we will support you through the partnership process.

Should you require any assistance on how to use the Partnership Opportunities Database, please contact
EEN Midlands on Tel: 0121 455 0268, E-mail:

Funding Opportunities

Enterprise Europe Network Midlands is not a funding source.

However, we can provide information on the type of funding available to Midlands-based organisations, and advice on how to access these funds.

We can help you to access EU funding by helping you to:

  • Understand how FP7 works and whether it is relevant to you
  • Understand the programme of calls for funding, and how they might be relevant to your project idea
  • Understand how to get involved in and submit a proposal
  • Identify suitable partnerships for coordinators and partners

Market Visits – International Trade Fairs

Meet Overseas Customers & Partners

The Enterprise Europe Network organises a range of international events throughout the year. These events are specifically designed to help you develop your international business network, learn about new markets and technologies and find the right partners for innovation and R&D projects. Our events cover a range of topics according to various market sectors and technologies.

Europe is listening – SME Feedback

The opinions of SMEs are important when developing new EU legislation or programmes that have a direct impact on their operations.

SME Feedback is a mechanism whereby small/medium companies are able to feedback directly to the Commission their individual problems relating to EU legislation/policy. The SME feedback mechanism allows the Enterprise Europe Network Midlands to collect the views and feedback from SMEs in the Midlands on a broad range of EU policy initiatives, actions, legislation or programmes related to the internal market.

If you have any concerns regarding EU legislation and policies that will have a negative impact on your business simply call or email your local office to discuss it. Typical policy areas where feedback will be requested include the environment, sustainability, innovation support, taxation and customs and, in more general terms, better regulation and simplification.

To find out more please contact Tel: 0121 455 0268 | E-mail:

Date last updated: 14/03/2017