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Big Data Corridor Platform A business gate for sourcing and modelling Open Data

Big Data Corridor Platform A business gate for sourcing and modelling Open Data
31 October 2017

Whether you have some prior knowledge of Open Data, work in a related field, or are completely new to it, this introductory workshop will give you a better understanding on how Open Data has the power to fuel economic growth, job creation, innovation and new business opportunities.

This workshop will introduce you to some of the main Open Data platforms in the West Midlands. The strengths and weaknesses of the data sets will be assessed as they are compared to data available from other cities. You will also be provided with some exemplars of Open Data use and data visualisations.

The objectives of the workshop are:

  • Presenting an overview of the Open Data landscape, its characteristics and the familiarity with data licenses, certificates and UK regulations
  • Knowing and accessing various UK data hubs, with a focus on West Midlands and Birmingham data
  • Showcasing Open Data use cases with the appreciation of running exemplars
  • Networking opportunities with representatives from BCU, other Big Data Corridor representatives, as well as other SMEs located within the region

Agenda as follows:

09:30 Arrival and registration
09:40 Introductions around the room
09:55 Open Data definition, licenses, certificates and UK regulations
10:15 Open Data characteristics, including data quality, metadata, data format and data structure
10:35 Q&A session about the current status of accessing and using Open Data by audiences
10:50 Break for refreshments and networking
11:05–11:15 Introducing and accessing existing UK cities data hubs (e.g., West Midlands Open Data, Birmingham Data Factory, Urban Big Data Centre)
11:15–11:45 The overview of the Big Data Corridor Platform
11:45 Discussing the impact of Open Data projects and data visualisation on other cities (e.g. Transport for London and Manchester’s BT CityVerve Portal), and comparing these with the data available in the West Midlands (e.g. Transport for the West Midlands and Highways England)
12:15 Q&A session
12:30 Workshop concludes with a networking lunch


31 October 2017



Big Data Corridor




BCU meeting room MP203

Millennium Point
Curzon Street
West Midlands
B4 7XG

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