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Fresh Perspectives - Brexit and interest groups – will anything change

Fresh Perspectives - Brexit and interest groups – will anything change
15 June 2017
08:00 - 09:30

The implications of Brexit on UK interest groups' lobbying capacity

The question of a fallout from Brexit is hunting a number of analysts. The trend in mushrooming publications (see for example: German Law Journal, Special supplement printed on Brexit already early July 2016) and media coverage (with the Guardian and taking lead) confirms it. Most of the analysts draw a distinction between the immediate-short term effect of the "leave” result stemming from the referendum and the long-term consequences of the UK going out of the European Union (EU). A similar approach can be deployed while looking at the changes that will emerge regarding the UK interest groups’ lobbying capacity.


Dr. Patrycja Rozbicka talk will focus then on identifying the short and long term consequences and how to counterbalance them.


Benefits of attending



  • Understand what the implications of different Brexit scenarios  
  • Consider what will determine the final outcome
  • Ask questions to address specific queries

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