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Thursday 5th September

There are more ways to fund your business growth than ever before.

The Growth Hub has the skills and expertise to guide you through the maze of funding solutions and funding suppliers. All for FREE

Here are just a few of the funding options available to help businesses grow.

Angel Investors - These are high net worth individuals who in addition to finance also offer their own experience, contacts and links to help the company achieve success after their investment.  They generally don’t expect to see a return on their investment for several years.  Angel Investors often operate as a syndicate which enables them to pool funds and share the risks

Crowdfunding - Crowdfunding platforms allow a business to showcase a product or service in a public arena enabling individuals the opportunity to invest their money via online or social media platforms.

Debt Finance - Typically this is a loan - A capital sum is borrowed and paid back in full over a period of time with interest being paid on the debt.  Additional forms of Debt Finance are Asset Backed Finance and Factoring.

Grants - A grant can appear to be the best way of funding a project but it is worth remembering grants rarely cover the entire cost of the project concerned, they can also be difficult to obtain and a good deal of time and effort can be invested.

Peer-to-Peer Lending - Investors lend funds directly to borrowers via an online platform.  These platforms facilitate the lending, undertake credit assessments and other risk management, but do not act as a counter-party to the loan.  Contracts are directly between the investor and borrower.

Private Equity Funding - Private Equity investors take shares in a business and generally take control of the whole business.  They usually invest in mature or proven businesses with a good product or service that has unrealised its potential due to poor management or inefficiencies.

Venture Capital
Where Capital is invested into start-ups or small businesses in exchange for equity.  Funding often comes from wealthy   investors, investment banks or financial institutions looking for opportunities to support young companies.  Financial investment can come with managerial or technical support.

Specialist Funds
Funding initiatives aimed solely at specific niche markets.   

Useful Contact Information

Our Access2Finance portal has a free, searchable list of 45+ finance providers, including loans and equity, with loads of hints and tips and explanations of technical terms and guidance throughout the whole finance raising process.

And to get in touch with an Access2Finance adviser contact The Growth Hub for a FREE consultation


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