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Growth Hub helps packaging company with funding & UK Transition plans

Wednesday 9th December

The Growth Hub has helped a bespoke packaging company with their UK Transition plans, funding for business growth, and more. Lakeside Products buys and sells luxury packaging to the retail sector. Trevor Thorley, Managing Director, is seeking ways to grow the business and discovered the GBSLEP Growth Hub after speaking to the Solihull Chamber of Commerce.

Trevor spoke to Sandra Cunningham, one of the Growth Hub’s SFEDI accredited Business Advisors, who assisted Lakeside Products to receive funding, he explained: “she has introduced us to a grant application which we have managed to successfully get”. The funding is the Business Growth Programme 2 (BGP2) delivered by Birmingham City Council, designed to stimulate growth and innovation in businesses.

The grant will be used to increase the Lakeside Products team, and since the team is growing, it will also go towards renovating their new workspace. “The grant is being used for growth and creating more jobs. We’ve already created one job, a second job will be created in January and then in the future I’m looking to create some more.” When speaking about the new offices, Trevor said: “we’ve used the grant to move into larger offices in July because we are still growing, the funding will also be used for refurbishment. The grant has helped with progression, we’re just growing and growing.”

Our many specialist partner organisations are also available to provide services to the businesses that we support, “Sandra has introduced us to a number of different people, for example, digital marketing specialists, which we are going to start using next year”. Trevor (Managing Director) has decided to hire a digital marketer to help revitalise the business, “a couple of people are being interviewed for this role in January”.

With the UK Transition deadline approaching, many businesses are seeking support for the changes that will come to play. Trevor, with the help of the Growth Hub, has attended “a lot of seminars regarding the Brexit process which we have found very useful”.

He has used the information that he has received from the seminars to produce plans and systems for Lakeside Products concerning the UK Transition: “we’ve had to prepare two systems – one system if there is a ‘no deal’, and another if it carries on going forward. Whatever the case may be, we’ve had to make changes to our existing systems, including the way we do paperwork and importing”. If you need information from our experts on what the UK Transition means for your business, you can find help here, we have a team of Business Resilience sector specialists ready to support you for free.

Sandra has also introduced Trevor to the Mentoring for Growth scheme, a free programme available to businesses across the GBSLEP area. This gives ambitious business leaders the opportunity to be mentored by senior personnel from some of the UK's most productive companies. Trevor said: “she has also introduced me to a mentor for business, my mentor is a high profile character in the banking industry. We’ve had our first initial chat and I’m happy with how it went. It’s nice to discuss the private sector as well as the government sector and to compare the two. Speaking to the mentor, just having somebody to bounce things off of, has been very useful ”. Find out more about Mentoring for Growth here

Trevor (Managing Director, Lakeside Products) has found the partner programmes valuable and has seen an increase in workload for his business: “I’ve found all the contacts very useful, I think what you tend to do in business is cherry pick the parts that suit you and your business, which the Growth Hub has helped us to do. Its been so busy over the last few months, we’ve broken records for October, November, and its going to be the same for December which is phenomenal.” Trevor has found the Growth Hub a helpful source for information and for connections: “generally, we’re always given useful information and when I get a bit more time, we’ll use the Growth Hub more and more, I wouldn’t have been discussing things with all of the contacts if Sandra hadn’t introduced us to them.”

He has been mostly impressed with “the vast amount of information and the contacts” and the eagerness of our team, Trevor expanded on this by saying: “when I’ve seen an area in the business that needs to grow and improve, Sandra always seems to have somebody to introduce us to. She is really enthusiastic, compliant and useful with everything that we are trying to do. She’s been a joy to work with and I’ve been very happy with what she’s done for us.”

Trained to industry accredited standards, we are here to offer the best advice and guidance available to businesses, covering a range of industry support. “It’s a great service that you have provided, if everyone made a bit more time to use the Growth Hub, it would benefit them” – Trevor Thorley, Managing Director, Lakeside Products. Make sure you contact us for the right support to grow and be successful.

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