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Tech start-up receives business support funding & digital skills training with the help of the Growth Hub

Monday 17th August

With assistance from The Growth Hub, Scale Up For Growth applied for business support funding and participated in a successful Digital Skills programme. Scale Up For Growth works with other businesses to help them engage, attract and recruit early careers talent (graduates, apprentices, and interns. The business has developed MYPAM (My People Analytics Measured) a talent operating platform, which helps organisations to understand their recruitment metrics and an embedded culture matching quiz which enables them to make informed decisions on their early careers talent strategy and talent recruited.

Kufa Matiya, Founder and CEO of Scale Up For Growth, explained that “being an early stage tech start-up, you’re always looking to raise money – from product development, growth in terms of recruiting people or whether it’s for getting support and expertise”. Kufa was looking for ways to grow the company, as well as overcoming several trials that the company was facing, “we’ve got challenges surrounding product development, putting in new processes, connecting with fellow entreprenuers and tech start-ups, up-skilling our existing young team and their knowledge on marketing, finance.

Unsure of where to find assistance, Kufa looked at tech start up incubators and also contacted Coventry University (where he did his MBA) but said “there was nothing really there”. Kufa further explained, “we did detailed internet research and came across the Innovation Vouchers and there was information about supporting start-ups in tech. That’s what brought me onto the Growth Hub website to see what support was available”. He then emailed the Growth Hub and described his company which then led to conversing with Jeanette Peters, one of the team’s SFEDI accredited Business Advisers. 

Scale Up For Growth approached the Growth Hub unaware of the assistance that was available for technology start-ups. Kufa said, “I was quite keen to find out what is happening in the Midlands to help us grow our organisation”. Jeanette directed him to three types of potential funding, the first being an Innovation Voucher, a cash injection to drive innovation and growth for businesses.

“What Jeanette has been really good at doing is opening up the different available routes that we can look at. At the moment, we are currently just finishing off an application for an Innovation Voucher for £2,500 in match funding.” Kufa Matiya (CEO, Scale Up For Growth) went on to say, “that’s a big thing for us because whilst our platform concept has been developed, what we need to now do is look at investing into the next development stage.” The funding provided by the voucher means that they can invest in their “sales process, it will help us to take things to market a lot quicker, and will help to bring new solutions to customers in the future”.

There is also the possibility for additional funding as Kufa explained, “Jeanette sent me an email to say that there is a potential grant coming into play to support organisations that have been affected by COVID-19 and are looking to grow. So again, this is a massive thing for us because we are developing a product that we are going to market and we’re recruiting new people so we’re going to need equipment and infrastructure.”

The third opportunity is to have a growth fund, Kufa stated “over the next 12 months, we’re probably going to increase the team to about 10 or 11 people. We’ll definitely be based in Birmingham, we’ve got locations and offices that we’re looking at, so it would be massively helpful for us to have the growth fund.” Scale Up For Growth are hopeful to be successful with each of the funding applications as “with a tech business, we’re constantly spending money on our product and going to market so it’ll be nice to have a grant to help us grow in the region.”

Kufa also participated in our Digital Skills webinar, he described the training as an “amazing refresher” and he “got the recommended book and I’ve embedded some of it into a digital marketing strategy. It’s been really helpful to use the information that we got from the training courses and the workshops to have a foundation marketing plan, I’ve even shared the advice to some people that I know”.

He continued to gush about the Digital Skills programme, stating “what was fascinating was that it wasn’t someone saying ‘I’m going to tell you what I’ve done’, this was someone explaining digital marketing in its basic form. If I was part of a start-up, it would’ve worked for me, if I was an entrepreneur who had a couple of companies, it is still a fantastic refresher to have.”

Kufa is amazed with how “Jeanette is constantly always looking for new ways to help us, I love the pro-activeness! It’s fascinating to have a team that is proactively looking and always sending emails saying ‘have a look at this’ or ‘I’m not sure if this is right for you but if you do decide to go down this route, you’ll probably need xyz’.”

The Growth Hub’s team of expert advisors consistently go above and beyond to assist businesses, “it’s nice to know that I have someone out there looking for funding whilst I focus on other things”. As our services provided specialist business support to Scale Up For Growth, we can also do the same for you.

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