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The Love Writing Company receives business planning support from the Growth Hub

Thursday 17th September

The Love Writing Company has received business support from the Growth Hub. The support received ranges from funding, business planning and more. The Love Writing Company is on a mission to get children writing from an early age, they have created a variety of writing products that make learning to write easier, quicker, and fun.

As a small business seeking to grow, Surlender Pendress (Director) was struggling to “connect to the right people”, she explained: “the problem I was having was I didn’t know what funding was available, what support was available, I didn’t know who to connect to”.

To overcome this issue, Surlender joined networking groups and business accelerator programmes but found that they were either too expensive or she “didn’t have the commitment to join a meeting every week” or simply, they just were not the best fit for her company. “Some were good, but some were too ‘salesy’ for me… they are a lot of money for what they are, and it wasn’t the information that I needed”.

So Surlender continued her search for business assistance, searching online for local support and making phone calls. After vigorous research, she found the GBSLEP Growth Hub and began to converse with Jennifer Campbell, one of the Growth Hub’s SFEDI accredited Business Advisers.

“I found that the Growth Hub is very knowledgeable, I spoke to Jen and she is well connected and extremely approachable. She is always going out of her way, even when she doesn’t have to, to ensure that as a business that I get as much support as possible.”

Surlender was quickly helped with her issue of receiving funding as she explained: “We needed to raise some funds for stock, I was looking at funding and investments, but I didn’t really know where to start. Jen put me in touch with someone from a finance company and he was brilliant.” Not only was Surlender helped with knowing “several investment options”, he also looked at her business plan which enabled her to create a useful pitch deck: “the help with the pitch deck was phenomenal.”

Continuing to speak on how she was helped financially, Surlender stated, “Jennifer put me forward for the BGP2 and has helped and supported me through the application process”. Business Growth Programme 2 (BGP2) offers grants and is designed to strengthen supply chains, stimulate innovation, and help businesses grow.

The support from the Growth Hub did not stop there as Surlender explained, “I needed to look at some packaging and Jen went out of her way to speak to businesses that do packaging and put their contact numbers forward.”

Surlender Pendress (Director, The Love Writing Company) was assisted in several ways and for various areas of her business. “I received support in many elements, whether its products and packaging or whether its finance or whether its support to get into a certain viable position.”

The Growth Hub helped Surlender overcome her initial hurdle of being a smaller business and not knowing the steps to grow. “The issue was as a small business, if you’re not connected to the right people, processes can take much longer. So being part of a network like the Growth Hub, has just made the process that much easier. If I don’t know who to go to, I’ll call Jen who does”.

Her need to search online for solutions has decreased since connecting with the Growth Hub and its programmes. Surlender explained: “I got a lot more support being at a 1:1 meeting with someone that could update me and tell me differences instead of me Googling it and that was so helpful”.

She is delighted with “the absolute willingness from the Growth Hub to support the entrepreneur and to support the business.”

After experiencing business support organisations that have not met her business needs, Surlender is very happy with the service that she has received from the Growth Hub. “There are many associations that say, ‘we’ll do this, we’ll do that’ and you’ll never hear from them or you have to keep chasing them. I never have to chase Jen and she always delivers, which in my experience is rare.”

Through our network of advisors and partnerships, the Growth Hub has helped The Love Writing Company to access the support that they need, to help them grow: “The Growth Hub has enabled me to accelerate the business faster than I would’ve done on my own. Without the Growth Hub’s help, I don’t think I would be where I am today” (Surlender Pendress, Director). “I’m really impressed with how much people at the Growth Hub actually care and want to support businesses and they always deliver in a really friendly and approachable way”.

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