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Digital Birmingham are part of Birmingham City Council’s Economy Directorate leading on the region’s digital and smart city strategy to attract and manage digital investment that will ensure a sustainable and inclusive economy for all sectors of city life. 

About Digital Birmingham

Digital Birmingham are at the forefront of leading the region’s digital and Smart Cities development, working collaboratively with varied clients and partners across the public, private, academia and third sector to attract and manage digital investment and uptake.

We have gained a track record of success in designing, testing and mainstreaming digital and ICT innovation to support more effective service delivery shaped by the needs and wants of citizens and support business to create new innovations and applications.

Our work to support sustainable economic and civic growth in an inclusive way has included expansion of a £40M digital infrastructure programme to the LEP region with achievements covering:
  • the establishment of the largest free City Centre public Wi-Fi network 
  • the installation of the UK’s first public buildings free and sustainable Wi-Fi network using energy efficient green technologies covering over 200 public buildings
  • the establishment of the West Midlands Public Service Network (WMPSN)
  • the roll out of the Government’s voucher connectivity scheme which benefited thousands of SME’s within Birmingham and neighbouring LEP’s 
  • the establishment of Digital Academy programme to strengthen the digital skills capacity of businesses. With one of the most extensive and validated databases of regional SMEs and regular ‘DOWNLOAD’ newsletter we ensure that essential digital news and offers are on support for regional businesses. 

Our Birmingham Smart City Roadmap, is a collaborative and ambitious framework providing a clear set of actions for the future city. It is applying new and integrated ways of using internet based technologies, data, the city’s infrastructure, assets and active involvement of citizens and businesses to tackle local problems such as skills, jobs, healthy ageing and mobility to build a more resilient future city. 

Our lead on development of Birmingham’s Data Factory provides the foundation to work with regional stakeholders to create a vibrant Information Marketplace to exchange, trade and access open and real time data and facilitate the growth of open data surgeries to build skills in communities’ use of data; already Birmingham is recognised as one of the top 15 UK cities for open data, made possible through development of a thriving data community and city partners making their data available.

We are passionate about helping the city and wider region to make the most of technology, connectivity and data to create a place that works more effectively and sustainably bringing with it greater opportunities and offer:
  1. Inside track knowledge of how the public sector works and the role of technology to support service transformation
  2. Strong partnerships, contacts and networks inside and out to broker and test innovation as well as bring together winning consortia to access funding (regional, national and EU) for digital and smart initiatives
  3. Strong project management skills for successful delivery - Prince 2 and MSP qualified
  4. Provide reach through extensive business (validated database of over 55,000 regional SMEs) and provide strategic advice, influence and guidance as members of groups at regional and community networks, national and European level like the UK Smart Cities Forum, Board of Cities Institute, WM Open Data Forum and Eurocities Knowledge Society Forum
We are keen to collaborate and work with partners on projects and activities, so please get in touch if we can be of help or if you would like to explore an idea with us.

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