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Applying the principles of industrial symbiosis to business practices enables companies to utilise material streams, energy, water and other assets more efficiently, yielding greater overall productivity and adding to the bottom line.

Instead of being destroyed, undervalued as a by-product or sent to landfill, industrial symbiosis results in waste streams and other under-utilised resources generated by industrial processes being repurposed for use by an/other companies, typically from different sectors, providing a mutual benefit or symbiosis.

Additionally, the approach enables businesses to find reuse outlets for effluents and recoverable energy streams, and can optimise the use of industrial assets, improve logistics, and increase knowledge transfer; creating a demand pull on eco-innovation – in effect increasing the productivity of all available resources generating bottom line and environmental benefits.

We provide three distinct areas of services for business:

Our teams of experts have extensive knowledge of different industrial processes and manufacturing techniques, combined with an understanding of the latest processing technologies and innovations which is essential to identify immediate, medium and long term business opportunities.

We also have extensive experience working with organisations from every sector, which coupled with expert facilitation support is central to successful industrial symbiosis. It is the intervention by our experts that brings together producers and users of waste resources with innovators, the research community and entrepreneurs to identify business opportunities often leading to new commercial transactions, especially as most industrial symbiosis opportunities (or synergies) occur between companies outside traditional supply chains.

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