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What is Aaccelerate for Growth?

  • A pilot scheme to help SMEs to advertise more and better to grow their businesses. It brings together advertising agencies, media owners and SMEs to work together collaboratively under the auspices of the Advertising Association, the trade association that represents the advertising industry in the UK.

  • The programme will take 10 SMEs. Working with some of the best advertising agencies in the West Midlands and commercial media owners, businesses will receive bespoke multi-channel advertising campaigns that run for between four and six weeks. The campaigns will be funded by the industry and the SME.

Why Aaccelerate?

  • Our research shows that 43% of SMEs in the UK advertise and constitute just 18% of UK ad spend.

  • We know that for every £1 spent on advertising, there is a £6 uplift in GDP. The impact is even greater amongst the SME community, particularly where they undertake multi-channel campaigns - £1 can benefit an SME eight times as much as a larger business.

  • Multi-channel campaigns also have the advantage of complimenting and amplifying content.

It’s about changing perceptions…

  • Advertising is for me: as a small business, you can certainly propel growth through advertising…

  • Advertising is complicated: no, it isn’t. We have a dedicated website to help SMEs understand the different ways of advertising and the benefits. You can also ask any questions that you like!

  • Advertising is expensive: it is true, that advertising can be seen as expensive. But you will see a significant return on your investment with the right advice and the right expertise to help you to grow your brand, generate more sales, launch more products.

Okay, so this all sounds interesting. How do I get involved?

You can get involved if you are:

  • A UK-registered business based in the West Midlands Combined Authority Area

  • More than three years old

  • In profit or well-funded

  • Have tried single channel advertising before

  • More than 10 employees

  • Have some funds to allocate to the scheme

How will it work in practice?

  • SMEs express interest in the scheme and get in touch

  • SMEs are contacted by the Aaccelerate project director and complete a light-touch form (10 minutes) which will include an indication of their budget

  • SMEs are chosen to participate in the project

  • SMEs meet the agencies (NB: there will be a lead agency per each SME to ensure the campaign runs smoothly)

  • SMEs and agencies agree campaign objectives and KPIs

  • Agencies work on potential campaigns – creative, production, channel selection

  • Campaigns are launched

  • Results are recorded and evaluated

  • At the end the campaign, SMEs will also receive an evaluation that will showcase ROI and achievement of KPIs

What’s next?
Get in touch!
Project director Francesca Woodhouse can be reached at: or 07795 573 366

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