Sector Based Work Academy Programmes

Your Responsibilities

A sector-based work academy can last up to 6 weeks and placements have 3 main components. You will need to provide:

  • pre-employment training – matched to the needs of your business sector and job role (this can be arranged at no cost through a training provider)
  • safe, meaningful, and high-quality work experience placement – which is a great opportunity for your business to identify talent and for the individual to cement their knowledge and understanding of the required role
  • a guaranteed job interview or meaningful written feedback if an applicant is unsuccessful in applying for the vacancy (so that they can use their experience to improve future applications)

Designing the Programme

The training provider will assess the needs of the trainee. Trainees may need pre-employment training before starting work experience.

You and the provider will then plan and agree:

  • Recruitment process onto the programme
  • Number of vacancies
  • Number of trainees
  • the days the trainee works
  • how the programme will be delivered

SWAPs are flexible. You can adjust the programme as you go to make sure you and the trainee get the most out of it.

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